Thursday, November 6, 2008

Truth In Fundraising: Headquarters For Fundraising Ideas & How to Stop Telemarketing Scams

Your one stop for Fundraising Ideas, Projects and How-To Start a Fundraiser PLUS
The Truth About Telemarketing & How to Avoid Telemarketing Scams
We apologize for the long delay in getting the site back up and going, but as promised to all those who commented on our other blogs and emailed, we have finally got caught up and are ready to roll.
For those who may not have visited our sites let me explain just what truthINfundraising is all about!! First of all we are devoted to bringing you all the information you need to begin and successfully complete your own fundraiser for any group, sports team, club, church group or whatever you may need to raise funds for! From A to Z we will help you identify the idea you decide fits your cause best and then implement it in a way to maximize the success of the fundraising effort without having to spend tons of hours!!! BUT DON"T FORGET
We also bring you all the inside information about the telemarketing industry and how to avoid all the scams out there!!! We try to answer all your questions about those phone calls you get wanting you to donate money to all sorts of charities and causes... From how a company based in sherwood, AR, The Heritage Company, can state to you that 25%, 35%, 50% or more actually "goes to the charity" when in some cases 0%, YES IT SAYS 0%- NOT A PENNY- even makes it to the charity!!!! This is just one of many companies that call YOU at home and try to get your hard earned money just to line the pockets of the TOP-LEVEL managment of the telemarketing company.!!
BUT what can you expect from a company where the president of the company states during a meeting of upper managment that the only reason people decide to work there or come to work is SEX!! YES THAT IS A TRUE STATEMENT FROM THE PRESIDENT, MR. JOHN BRAUNE, OF THE HERITAGE COMPANY!! I guess instead of Sex Drugs and Rock 'n Roll, they should call it DRUGS, SEX and TELERIPPOFF---- P.S. The heritage company also uses different company names when they call you depending on what they call for. These include names such as "youth services" when they call for charities such as MSAA, or Multiple Sclerosis Assoc. of AMerica (nope not the REAL ms charity, but this is a knockoff- remember lining the pockets of those execs, plus a lot of times they line pockets of those higher ups of the charity as well). They also use Medallion Productions, Deaf Services (so it sounds like they are with the charity- AADB, Association of Deaf and Blind- another charity that is a joke).... ANyways, we have a lot of NEW and UNBELIEVABLE information to pass on.......... Including how they have broken the law time and time again without giving it a second thought..... BUT as long as they get their $$ why should they care if those who need the help really get it.... WOW! sorry for the soapbox, but it's hard when a company like that preys on others by taking their money and then prey on the less fortunate by keeping most if not all of it....
We have also been working hard on developing new ideas and projects for fundraising, as well as teaming up with several other sites to help you find that perfect fundraiser to suit your cause!!